Symptom Relief Testimonials

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Victor A

Purchased for my wife as a medical device

I have recently purchased one of your twin size mattress pads for use with a hospital bed. My wife is in home hospice and I made this purchase for her comfort. Previously she had slept with an electric blanket. The problem she had was she would have night sweats, waking up with damp bedding. Your product has resolved those problems and she couldn’t be happier.

Our doctor is willing to write a prescription for your product classifying it as DME (durable medical equipment). DME includes anything that eases the pain and suffering for a patient. This ranges from orthotic shoe inserts, wheelchairs, to hospital beds. Personally I believe you could be marketing your product to the senior population as a medical device.

Roxanne R Johnson

Life Changing

If you have never used a ChiliPad™, you will think that I am exaggerating but I'm not!!! I suffer from a couple of disorders that had caused me to wake in sweats and/or burning foot pain.

I have peripheral neuropathy that causes my feet to burn like fire--especially at night. I would go to bed after having soaked my feet in cold water and keep my feet out from under the covers because of the burning pain. The first night I used the ChiliPad™, the burning was not noticeable. I had suffered for, at least, 5 years with this. I also did not wake up in a sweat. I am so comfortable and I have mine set at 67 degrees. We don't need the air conditioning like we did before. It keeps my core temperature cool so I get a restful night's sleep. Please invest in one of these. I was afraid of the price but it more than makes up for it in being comfortable and lower electricity bills. Just think. This winter I will be nice and cozy in my bed while my bedroom temperature is 54 degrees. Thank you, ChiliPad™. Please keep being innovative and think outside the box.


Helps with Endometriosis

I have been suffering from Endometriosis for quite some time now. I would spend hours on end applying dry heat to my lower abdomen with little success of receiving any sort of pain relief. Sitting in the bath was what helped me the most, along with hot water bottles. Having to get in and out of the bath several times a day or heating up a hot water bottle constantly throws a wrench into someone’s schedule. Moist heat therapy is what gave me the most alleviation from my constant pain. Moist heat carries no side affects unlike dry heat. The traditional heating pads never seemed to keep up a steady temperature, which is something I absolutely love about the ChiliPad™. ChiliPad™ holds a constant temperature for an extended period of time, basically as long as I need the pain relief, ChiliPad™ is there to provide it with no wavering in performance. I can also adjust the temperature to an extract degree to fit my needs instead of having to choose between three channels of a heating pad: low, medium, and high. The medium setting seems to be too cool and the high setting is uncomfortably hot and doesn’t break through past my skin to reach my muscles to really work.

I was very curious about why the ChiliPad™ works so much better than other heating pads, so I did some research. I found that moist heat, in fact, penetrates 27 times deeper than dry heat. Body tissue is able to tolerate moist heat at a higher temperature. Since it is able to tolerate it better, it dilates your blood vessels, increasing the circulation to the painful body tissue. When you are using a traditional electrical heating pad, you aren’t getting any of these fantastic results because it only penetrates skin deep, unlike ChiliPad™, which heals. Electric heating pads also carry an electric magnetic field, which invades the body much further and is linked to serious illnesses, like cancer. Since I suffer from endometriosis, I have a higher risk of developing endometrial cancer, which is linked to the electromagnetic field, influencing my risk for developing certain cancers immensely.

It is wonderful to know that not only am I potentially significantly decreasing any further damage but I am also getting a better amount of relief from your product that cannot be fairly compared to any other product because of the incredible job it does.



NO MORE HOT FLASHES OR HEAT RASHES!!! The chili pad is a godsend. I am a 49 year old female going through the hot flashes from hades with menopause and ChiliPad™ has changed my life. It took me about a week to get used to it, because it made me a little cool, but I just bundled up and have not had a hot flash or heat rash since! I am so proud that this wonderful new invention comes from my home state of NC, and wish you the very best in your endeavors. You should be a great success, this is a wonderful product and worth every penny!!!

Your customer service is far and beyond any I have experienced anywhere else. Thank you for making my life easier and more comfortable. I can now sleep through the night. I purchased the twin XL because I have a California king sized bed, and my husband did not want one. The 39″ by 80″ is a perfect fit for my side of the mattress. We have 2 mattresses so one can rise up and the other doesn’t have to… Just some info I thought you might like to have.

My best to you all, and thank you for such a wonderful product!!


No more hot flashes!

I love it! I keep mine at 65° and no more hot flashes!


Nothing was beating my Hot Flashes until the ChiliPad

My hot flashes started about four years before menopause, and let me tell you i had tried everything: herbal supplements, Wicking Pajamas, Pillow Inserts, and I even bought a new mattress. My poor husband was FREEZING and I was SWEATING while we fought about fans and the temperature of the thermostat. But other than Estrogen Treatments (Which can be dangerous… so I hear… ) nothing was beating my Hot Flashes until the ChiliPad™. Now both my husband and I can sleep comfortably.


The moist heat seems to help in my lower back

Because I had back surgery that failed last year, the moist heat seems to help in my lower back where the nerve damage is and in the summertime, it’s the best for a sunburned back or arms.