From Women Testimonials

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Sheila Plourd

Chili Technology has excellent customer service and I highly recommend them.

I have enjoyed my ChiliPad™ for several years, but unfortunately the units needed some repair work. When they weren't able to repair them, they sent me out 2 brand new units. I only had to pay for the repair work. Chili Technology has excellent customer service and I highly recommend them.

Mickey Cessna

I now sleep comfortably all night long

I used to sleep with my head at the foot of the bed so I could get the full benefit of the moving air from the ceiling fan to help me with my hot flashes and night sweats. With the ChiliPad™ I now sleep comfortably all night long with my head where it's supposed to be! I haven't had any problems with excessive body heat since I started sleeping on it. I told my husband the other night that I love him just a little more than my ChiliPad™; mostly because he's the one who ordered it for me!

Carol Limahelu

Good product

I just got a ChiliPad™. I live in a very hot climate and I have a heat sensitive illness so it has brought me a lot of comfort. It was easy to set up and learn to use. I hope it keeps working for a long time.

Ann Fuller

Finally a good nights sleep!

My sleep number is 64 degrees. I love this product. I sleep now and am not a grouch, much! I would recommend this to everyone.

Linda Wenkel

Love my ChiliPad!!

I've always had a broken thermostat and my body has always been hot. The ChiliPad™ really helps me to fall asleep at night. I cannot sleep if I am warm at all. I LOVE THIS CHILIPAD™!

Ann Fuller

Best sleep in years

I installed my ChiliPad™, a single last night. I got the best sleep in years. the install was easy. It hardly makes any sound. I purchased an extra hose so that I could put it where i needed to put it. I can't say enough about this product.

Cheryl Hanson Cadeza Cellars

I almost got rid of my beloved Tempurpedic Mattress

After a bad car accident and two spinal surgeries, the only way that I was able to sleep was on a Tempurpedic Mattress. I have had my mattress for apx 15 years. Recently, however, following a hysterectomy and major hormonal changes, after sleeping for about 4 hours I would wake up and felt like I was on a bed of hot burning coals. I had a ductless air conditioner installed over my bed in ADDITION to central air and had the thermostat set at 62. I was on fire, my husband was sleeping in a hoodie. I was searching for a new mattress that wouldn't reflect my bodyheat. I stumbled upon the ChiliPad™ but was hesitant to spend so much money on a product I was unfamiliar with. Since they have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee I decided to give it a try. I AM THE HAPPIEST SLEEPER IN THE WORLD. No longer do I wake up after 4 hours of sleep. I sleep through the night, comfortable and cool. It took me a few nights to find my perfect temperature setting, as the first night I woke up freezing- YEAH better than hot coals. I simply raised the temp to about 73 and set the timer. I once again love my Tempur-pedic mattress and wouldn't give my ChiliPad™ up for anything. I may even travel with it. Great innovation. My husband also thanks you, as he doesn't have to wear the sweatshirt to bed anymore. :D

Constance Smith

Absolutely awesome!!! I use it winter and summer, best sleep you can imagine!!!

I've had a full size ChiliPad™ on my bed for 2 years now, it is absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I use it winter and summer, best sleep you I could have ever imagined!!!!!!

I love doing business with a company making product in USA and if you call customer service you'll always get a real person to help you, which is rare these days.

Kathleen A Grbac

A company that stands behind their product!

I can’t believe that after suffering for the past 20 years with hot flashes and night sweats (due to menopause), that I’m finally getting relief.

The morning after using the ChiliPad™ for the 1st time I thought that it was a coincident that I hadn’t woke up all night. The next morning was the same wonderful experience. Now that I have been using the ChiliPad™ for over a week I know that it’s not a coincident, THIS REALLY WORKS. I feel like a new person now that I’m getting a good nights sleep.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Carol Brombaugh

Thought I had died and gone to heaven!

If you are a "hot" sleeper this is probably one of the most wonderful solutions you can try. I now can sleep through the night with a blanket instead of throwing off the covers and then re-covering every fifteen minutes or so. Those who complain about the brightness of the LED display should just put a little tape over it. Those who complain about the volume of the fan noise must sleep in a sound proof chamber somewhere. The fan just creates some even white noise and actually evens out some of the outside night traffic sounds. This system is easy to set up, easy to maintain, and for a good solid night sleep, I do not mind the cost.

My only suggestion would be that the vendor include the batteries for the remote. I had to rob the TV remote in order to use it the first night, as I had no AAA batteries to spare. Other than that, there was no odor, no mess, and filling the water into the motor unit was easy and quick. In comparison, I bought a "cool gel" foam mattress pad that was supposed to wick away the heat, but I cannot tell you if it does, as two months later I cannot go into the room where it is 'airing out" due to the awful chemical smell that was supposed to go away in a day or two.

For those of you who sleep by yourself on a queen mattress, I bought the full size with the single control and it fits just fine. There are only a couple of inches at head or foot and side to side that are not covered, and I do not sleep that far down or up on the bed anyway.

You can even purchase a replacement mattress pad without having to buy the whole unit. What a deal that is.

I think you cannot go wrong with this ChiliPad™. And to think I was plannig to buy something similar from Sleep Number for a couple thousand dollars.

Holly Young

The War Has Ended!

My husband and I play thermostat war every summer. He turns it up and I turn it down. Recently he's gotten sneaky about it - he waits until I'm asleep and then turns it up! I discover this by waking up at 3 am sweating. Well, the ChiliPad™ has stopped the war! Now my ChiliPad™ has my bed nice and cool when I get in and it keeps me cool all night long! I love that it's quiet and the little light it emits isn't enough to bother me at night. Great product!

Shannon Holby

Cooled Down

I was desperately looking for something to help with premenopausal night sweats. I would wake up in the middle of the night soaked and freezing. I was drenched from head to toe and would have to lay down a towel to try and get back to sleep. The daily changing of the sheets gets old fast. I wanted to avoid supplements, there are not many good reviews on them and didn't want to add another drug into my system. I stumbled upon ChiliPad™ website and it seemed to be the solution I was looking for. I felt it was a bit pricey, but with the money back guarantee, was willing to give it a try. After a couple of days of finding just the right temperature, my nights sweats have disappeared. I would recommend the chili pad to anyone suffering from nights sweats, A great dry nights sleep is worth every penny.

Mary McPherson

I have had the first good night's sleep in 7 years!

I bought the single zone chili mattress pad and have had the first good nights of sleep that I have had in at least 7 years. My husband is the biggest fan. He says that I have stoppped tossing and turning all night, I no longer snore and he cannot believe what I am getting accomplished when I am awake! All I know, is that for the first time in many years, I don't feel like death warmed over. I have suffered from hot flashes for ever so long and since I am a breast cancer survivor, doctors told me I just had to live with it. Well, not anymore. Thank you.

Rebecca Thornton

Worth Every Penny!

I rarely ever review products that I buy, but I feel compelled to tell people how wonderful my ChiliPad™really is. I'm 44 years old and had suffered from years of waking up soaked in sweat. My husband purchased a mattress that was supposed to keep your body cool at night, but long before the trial period for the mattress was over I knew that it didn't help at all. We had kept our previous mattress in storage, so I promptly returned the "cooling mattress," started sleeping on my old one, and began looking for a new solution. I came across information about the ChiliPad™ and decided to give it a try. It seemed expensive, but in reality it was 1/3 of the cost of the mattress I'd returned. My husband and I both knew that it was worth every penny after just one night of use. We've had our ChiliPad™ for about a year now and I've not had one night sweat. Not one! I love my ChiliPad™.

Samantha Kuebler

Most Amazing Lifesaver!

I have always had trouble sleeping, unless it was cold enough for me to be "comfy". My husband and I came across a mattress store in August 2009 that had state of the art mattresses upon which lay the Dual-Zone ChiliPad™. After laying on the bed for a few minutes, marveling at the coolness on one side and heat on the other, we got up thoroughly impressed and went on our way. The next couple weeks I talked obsessively about how wonderful it would be to own a ChiliPad™ and sure enough as a surprise not even 2 weeks later we went back to the store and bought one! That was in September 2009 and I have been a very devoted and faithful customer. Every time I call for customer service there is always a wonderful helpful person on the other line to help me with anything I could need or want! The latest was Ms. Becky with repairs and she helped me more than I could ever had asked for!! Thank you so much Ms. Becky and ChiliPad™ for being everything I need to be able to sleep (and save on my AC/Heat bills hehe) the way you should sleep!! It has truly been an amazing lifesaver to myself and everyone around me!

Debra (age 55)

I am thrilled with my ChiliPad

I am writing to let you know that I am thrilled with my ChiliPad™. Every woman should be aware of your product before their doctor starts prescribing anti-depressants, Clonidine and, worse yet, hormones for hot flashes. I have not had one since putting it on the bed. I sleep with a sheet, blanket and comforter now. If I want to snuggle with my husband, who has his side on warm, I just keep my body on the cool side and everything’s great.


The ChiliPad has been a life saver

Being a nurse and having a hysterectomy at 45 and hormones not being an option, the ChiliPad™ has been a life saver. Hormone replacement therapy of any kind was out of the question for me. I thought I would just have to put up with huge A/C bills, moody, cranky and tired all the time, due to no restful sleep. I live in Texas, the problem is the nighttime temperatures can be high and it takes until 3am to 5am in the morning for the temperature to come down enough to cool the house to a comfortable sleeping temperature. A/C units are severely taxed when the temperature is over 95 degrees; they work better and are more efficient at lower temperatures. I have lowered my energy bills, even with over 100 degree days and only dropping into the mid 80′s at night, by over $100.00-150.00 a month for July and August. The ChiliPad™ is easy to operate and has minimal maintenance. It is extremely comfortable to sleep on and it fits the bed very well. There are so many people that could benefit from this product, not just women with hot flashes and night sweats. I feel that it should be recommended by every Doctor and Chiropractor in the world. When you sleep well at night you have faster recovery from illness or surgery, and require less medication to recover.


This is the best purchase I have ever made

This is the best purchase that we have made. My husband purchased the ChiliPad™ for my hot flashes. My husband now sleeps up to 3 hours longer since sleeping on the ChiliPad™. We take it everywhere with us. We will leave other items behind just to make room for the ChiliPad™. I do not have to worry about hot flashes while sleeping on the ChiliPad™. It has been the best purchase in our 25 year marriage. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product. The ChiliPad™ is the best thing since sliced bread. I love mine.


ChiliPad is a godsend ...and a GREAT product

I rarely write to a company on how great their product is….I am just to busy for one more e-mail but I have to tell you this ChiliPad™ is a “godsend”….and a GREAT product. Because of hot flashes….a type A personality that keeps me so often from deep sleep…and not to mention living in hot humid Miami….I have slept better since receiving the mattress pad than I have in years and have told many people about it and hope they try it out. I am glad one night…I surfed the net for something cool to sleep on and found out about this product…good job to the designer….and thank you for a wonderful product.


This is a company to be recommended

My husband bought a ChiliPad™ over a year ago and is most happy with it.

His sleep is much improved and while we had to contact customer service because the cooling unit had problems, customer service was outstanding. We received prompt answers and they exchanged a faulty unit. This is a company to be recommended!


The ChiliPad really has helped me enjoy my Tempur-Pedic® bed

The ChiliPad™ really has helped me enjoy my Tempur-Pedic® bed to the max. I love the bed but was going to return it due to the heat it generated. With the ChiliPad™, the combo is perfect, allowing me to enjoy the comfortable foam mattress without the heat issue.


I sleep like a baby now!

I am head over heels in love with this product! I’m like a little heater when I’m asleep and I wake up sweating all the time and then can’t go back to sleep because I can’t find a cool spot in the bed… Then I found the ChiliPad™! I sleep like a baby now! I wake up in the exact same position I fell asleep in because I’m sleeping so deeply and now I can keep my house at a much more reasonable temperature. I highly recommend this and I can’t figure out why it isn’t more widely advertised. I sleep better than I ever have before!!

Karen Giblin, President of Red Hot Mammas

I love my ChiliPad

I love my ChiliPad™. It has really helped me sleep!!


I can't believe how wonderful it is

Purchased the ChiliPad™ in the fall of last year. Just started using it this year and can’t believe how wonderful it is. I sleep so well! I would have to set my air conditioner down 6 – 10 degrees to sleep this comfortably. Since childhood, I have always been uncomfortable during the hot summer. Since i purchased the ChiliPad™, uncomfortable sleep is nonexistent. I had put off purchasing the ChiliPad™ because of the expense: after experiencing the sleep benefits, I wish I had not delayed my purchase! I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to have found the ChiliPad™: it truly makes a huge difference in my life. I am going to order the small one to take with me when I go away.


Finally some good quality sleep

I LOVE this thing. Finally some good quality sleep. THANK YOU!

Deb L.

I look forward to having a good night's rest

We received our ChiliPad™ two months ago, and it really has been great. We have a mattress that is made with memory foam on the top (Beauty Rest black) and we were sweating all the time. I always dreaded going to bed, because I knew it would be a night of waking up sweating and tossing and turning. Now, I even go to bed earlier than usual, because I look forward to having a good nights rest. We also have been able to turn our room air conditioner way up, probably saving money on electricity. My husband feels the same way I do about your product.


My heatflashes are GONE

I love my chili pad. We have had it for over 2 years. We purchased the dual control. My heatflashes are GONE. This unit is the best for us “average aged” women. We live in Lake Havasu City where it can get to 110 in the summer. I turn my chili pad on an hour before bed and it is GREAT crawling into a nice COOL bed. The customer service is GREAT. After the summer I ship my unit back to the factory for a cleaning and a tune up. They have never charged me for this service. I pay for the freight and they clean it out for FREE. I have and would always recommend this product to all my friends. Thank you for a GREAT product.


Finally a good night's sleep

I have received my ChiliPad™ and am ecstatic! Finally a good night’s sleep. I have already been promoting this amazing product to anyone who will listen!!

Debra (age 44)

ChiliPad made a huge difference in my ability to sleep well

ChiliPad™ made a huge difference in my ability to sleep well. When I found this product, I was seeking relief from hot flashes — after using it, I noticed other aches, pains and stiffness (due to herniated discs) were remarkably less getting out of bed in the morning. With the help of this product my husband and I now sleep much better. I always use the cooling feature of ChiliPad™ on 46 degrees, but my husband uses the warm setting to preheat the bed. It is always a luxury to get into a chilled bed for me, and equally satisfying for him on a warm setting on a cold night. He especially considers it a luxury to be able to lower the temperature when he is feeling warm enough! ChiliPad™ has reduced the severity of my hot flashes, aches and pains — my husbands snoring is, for the most part, stopped — tossing and turning is much less allowing us both to get a better night sleep. I have not woke up soaking wet with sweat since I received my ChiliPad™ six months ago and my eleven year old daughter also sleeps better now that I set the air conditioner on 72 at night, rather than 68 degrees! Think of the savings on electric bills!

Karen Giblin, President of Red Hot Mammas

A Red Hot Mammas approved product

When having hot flashes, it’s hard to fool Mother Nature. Hot flashes, night sweats affect 75-85% of women. Women feel intense heat, get flushed, perspire, and they may get uncomfortably wet during the night. This may cause them to awaken and the next day they may feel fatigued and moody. Good news gals, we now have a product that can fool Mother Nature. The new product is the ChiliPad™ which gives some of us a new lease on menopausal life.

So, as the temperatures soars in your bed at night, and you are tossing and turning feeling that greenhouse effect when those hot flashes and night sweats strike, all you have to now do is to turn on your ChiliPad™. Your bed will stay cool and you will be more comfortable during the night. ChiliPad™ is a Red Hot Mamas approved product.


The ChiliPad has made an enormous difference in my sleeping

The ChiliPad™ has made an enormous difference in my sleeping. I am staying asleep throughout the night instead of waking up overheated in my Tempurpedic bed. As a registered nurse pursuing my graduate degree, I often get between 4-6 hours of sleep. As you can imagine it is imperative that those limited sleeping hours be high quality and uninterrupted. Your product has made this possible for me.

As a nurse, I see numerous patients with numerous medical conditions, the majority of whom have sleep difficulties. Many of the patients I see could benefit from this product. I also collaborate with mental health professionals (psychologists and psychologists) and pain specialists, both of which work with patient populations who would benefit greatly from improved sleep with the ChiliPad™. Sleep disturbances affect every aspect of a person’s health, and can result in increased pain and mental health disparities, including depression. I spoke to a psychologist about the pad who was going to recommend the product to a client who had not slept in the same bed as her husband in over a year, because she overheats. In addition, I attended a chronic pain support group for a class assignment, and every group member had sleep difficulties. I am certain that these individuals suffering from various physiological ailments would also experience improved sleep with use of the ChiliPad™.

Linda Norminton

What a wonderful aid to a great nights sleep!

Enjoyed hearing about the ChiliPad™ on Dr.Oz. We have enjoyed the luxury of being able to adjust the temperature to suit each of our needs. What a great product and what a wonderful aid to a great nights sleep! Thank You ChiliPad™!

Catherine Belusko Berger

Best product ever!!

Best product ever!! Love, love, love it!! It is like a vacation in your own bed every single night!!


Vampire Blood

My refrigerated mattress pad makes me so happy. Must be my Romanian vampire blood; if i could, I’d sleep on ice.