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Dr. Margueritte Gilkey

Drug free approach to comfort

My hot flashes started about 5 years before menopause. I tried everything…. I was sweating and my husband freezing. But other than Estrogen treatments (with the risk of serious side effects) nothing was beating my hot flashes until ChiliPad™. Now both my husband and I can sleep comfortably. Join me in this drug free approach to comfort.

Dr. David

My wife and I love this product

My wife and I love this product. We can now sleep like babies again and we tell everyone about your product. Seriously, we have saved a fortune on air conditioning power bills since we started using the ChiliPad™. My wife cannot sleep without it anymore. We might buy another one so that when we wear his one out, we have a backup ready to go. That’s how important your product is. Without restful sleep people develop elevated blood pressure, increased stress hormones and irritability- your product is a wonder of modern science. Anyone who has trouble sleeping, for any reason, needs to try the ChiliPad™ before they become dependent on medication.