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Brad Hori

Can't Sleep Without This

I've had my ChiliPad™ for about a year now. I use to sleep on a waterbed without the heater on and it was always cool, even during the winter time. But I got married 4 years ago and the waterbed had to go cause my wife didn't like it (hurt her back). So I was miserable for years till I got a ChiliPad™.

Now I can't sleep without it! I can have the fans running or the air conditioner on but those do nothing on your backside. The heat just builds up with no where to go but the ChiliPad™ takes away that heat for me cause I run hot all the time. My wife was the opposite, she would sleep with blankets on but now she says she is too hot and wanted my ChiliPad™. No way!! So I bought her one today. We are using the Twin XL on a Calif King bed. It covers head to toe and half way across. Now she'll have her own and that is one less complaint! Thanks ChiliPad™. Oh, don't buy those other cool pads, even the ones that are similar. They are cheaply made, don't run as cold and are not built like the ChiliPad™. You cannot disconnect the supply from the pad or extend them like the ChiliPad™. Oh, I did use it once for heat when I was sick and boy it was a life saver!!!

And we also bought the extensions as our bed is high and the power unit would not reach. Read More

Ken Howell

The ChiliPad™ saved my Tempur-Pedic

I was way too warm with our new Tempur-Pedic mattress until I tried the ChiliPad™. The ChiliPad™ solved the problem and made the Tempur-Pedic mattress feel exactly the right temperature for me. I had no problem getting the ChiliPad™ just as cool as I wanted. It is also very quiet. The ChiliPad™ really does the job, I am so glad I found it.

Bill Sponable

Take the plunge! You absolutely won't regret the purchase!

My wife and I have used the dual zone ChiliPad™ for 1 year now. This product is absolutely worth the price and works better than you would ever imagine. Set it too cold and you will wake up with your teeth chattering during a hot summer night in the California Desert. Wife's prior constant hot flashes are extremely rare now, and I love being able to set my sleep temperature. We definitely both sleep better than we ever have in the past!

Anthony Frisns

Fantastic Product

At first I was unsure about the ChiliPad™, but fortunately I purchased one. From the first night I realized that it was a fantastic product. I slept all night for the first time since I can remember. The constant cooling is unbelievably comfortable, and has improved my sleep consistently. It has solved the problem of my wife nit liking it as cool as I like it. We can now keep the bedroom at 72 degrees and I am comfortably sleeping, thanks to the chilipad. My wife says that I hardly snore since using the ChiliPad™.

Dennis Vlasich

Everything Promised

My wife and I have had problems regulating the temperature of the bedroom (in Southern California) for years. The dual control ChiliPad™ has been the answer. It delivers on its promise. Certainly, the $1000 price tag is high, but on our Sleep Number (formerly Select Comfort) bed, the equivalent unit would have been almost twice as much. It's worth every cent.

John Sainsbury

Instant Relief

We bought a memory foam mattress and did not realise how hot they get. We would wake lathered in sweat Since using the ChiliPad™ we have had uninterrupted sleep. It is currently our winter, so I am looking forward to summer when we will not need the air conditioner to run all night.

Dennis Cusumano

I couldn't believe how cool I felt.

My wife has been suffering from "hot flashes", for a few years. She usually does not get through the night without suffering from them. She bounces around and sometimes, she would go downstairs to sleep, as it is cooler on our main floor. I also, am a "hot" sleeper. I searched the internet for "mattress cooling pads." There are several types and designs of so called "cooling pads." I looked at the ChiliPad™ web site, and what it showed me, made a lot of sense. Pumping cooling water through tubing, inside of a mattress cover.

I reviewed all the testimonials, along with my wife. I asked her if she thought this would help, and, she was reluctant at first, but I explained about the 90 day return policy, in case we were not happy with the ChiliPad™.

We went to a "Relax the Back" store, as that was the closest dealer to us. Although, the sample ChiliPad™, is rather small, we could tell that this was something we needed to try at home.

We ordered it that Sunday, and the following Friday, it arrived via UPS. My wife had to go out of town that weekend, so I did not set the ChiliPad™ up until Sunday. I couldn't believe how cool I felt. It was like I was sleeping on a block of ice, is the best way to describe how cool it was. I told my wife, that she "would not like the ChiliPad™." I tell her this, when ever I know she is going to like something. She got to sleep on it Monday night. No tossing and turning, trying to get cool, just a good sound night's sleep, which she really enjoyed. When I asked her how she like our new ChiliPad™, she said she "LOVED IT"!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I concur with my wife. The ChiliPad™ is great and I will recommend anyone who is looking for a cooling mattress cover, to check out ChiliPad™.

PS. The Chili Pad is really easy to set up and program.

Lonnie Kizer

Fantastic Product

After only two nights, I can't recommend this product enough!

Prior to, it's been a battle finding a compromise. I can't sleep in the heat, but the girlfriend has rheumatoid arthritis and needs it very warm.

She is toasty warm now, and I can keep the room cool for me. It's been 50 degrees outside at night and we were able to keep the windows open with no more frozen girlfriend.

She's happy and I can sleep...

John Harper

ChiliPad™ Solved Our Problem

My wife and I purchased a memory foam mattress for ourselves for Christmas 2012.

I had pretty much spend a year looking and reading reviews and looking for the best value prior to our purchase. We ended up with a Sleep Inovations mattress, and were at first impressed with the way it slept. I had read in numerous reviews how some people had problems with sleeping hot in high density memory foam mattresses, but also read that this problem only affected from 7% to 8% of people, so I took a chance. After several nights on the mattress, both my wife and I were having problems with waking up hot and sweating just several hours after falling asleep. So, back to the internet, searching for a solution. Our first attempt at a remedy was a mattress pad recommended by Dr. Oz. This helped a little, but was quite cold when first entering the bed and seemed to lose it's cooling effect within an hour or two of going to bed. We then decided to purchase the ChiliPad™ dual control mattress pad. We have only had this for a little over two weeks, but so far this has solved our problem. No more waking up hot, or being chilled. We turn on the control units about 30 minutes before retiring for the night. The temperature while slipping into bed is quite neutral. We both sleep through the night with no temperature issues. I set my side at 68F while my wife sleeps at 65F.

The control units are very quite. The tubing that runs through the mattress pad is not really noticable while laying in bed. The only unexpected issue that we have noticed is that the unit tends to heat up the room. Our bedroom is a little small (14 x 12) I guess all the heat that the mattess pad takes out of us has to go somewhere. Other than that we are very satified. We cannot speak to the longevity or reliabilty of this product, but it does appear to be well made and we hope that it will give us many years of service.

David Clements

We both sleep much better!

I wanted to thank you for creating the ChiliPad™! We purchased the King size, dual control model, and we are amazed at how well this product works. She likes her side to be very warm, I like mine to be very cool. We both sleep much better!

Gregory Baxter

Saved Me From Buying a New Mattress

I spent over 6 months sweating at night after buying a $3k tempurpedic mattress for my wife and I... she was comfortable, I was not. I bought a $200 cooling pad and went another 6 months with no resolve... I need sleep with my job and was't getting it. My wife found your product online. I said it didn't matter the cost and bought it on a desperate whim to maintain my comfortable mattress and get cool. It worked and I love it. A mattress is one of the best investments you can make... and for those who need different sleep temperatures... this is the best investment you can make if you can't sleep. Thank you!

Chris Miller

Changed My Sleeping Life

I used to sleep on ice packs and my wife would have to get up and change them in the night. I now sleep on a ChiliPad™ and we both sleep much better. It has changed my sleeping life.

Brett Stoner

vHuman Heater Loves His ChiliPad™!

Is it expensive? Heck yeah. Is it worth every penny? Absolutely! I had a really hard time parting with almost a grand for it, but I love, love love it! You figure you spend about one third to one fourth of your life in bed. Might as well enjoy it!

I am 32, in shape, very high metabolism, and always hot. I mean a human heater hot! I hate laying in a hot bed. Even with the a/c on you can feel your bed radiating your body heat back to you. And a memory foam mattress is even worse! I bought this about 8 months ago and the first night I turned it all the way down. It is a little weird at first cause you are use to laying in a hot bed but it feels like tile floor as it cools you down. I woke up two hours later freezing cold! Normally I am sweaty and here I am freezing! Took me some time to play around with different temperatures but now I am addicted. This thing is amazing.

I whine when I stay in hotel rooms because I can't cool my bed down or warm it up in the winter. I use it every night to either warm me up or cool me down. My advice is buy a nice bed, quality bedding, good pillows, and with this pad you will be in heaven. Coming from the guy who wears t-shirts year round in Ohio and this thing can freeze me out!

A little note it does put off a lot of heat. This is to be expected. It's your body heat! Instead of being hot in the bed it heats up the air. So sleep with the door open or a fan to move the hot air away. Good ventilation is a must for it to cool properly.

Andre Jo

Total Luxury Comfort

There are no words to describe this product. Get one and try it yourself. I combine this product with sleep number bed and it’s heavenly. Summertime, I keep it at 60 degrees and for winter at 88 degrees. It’s total comfort.


It reduced the amount and the intensity of the hot flashes that I have during the day

My sister suffers from hot flashes worse than me. My ChiliPad™ saved my life and I can sleep soundly at night again. It also reduced the amount and the intensity of the hot flashes that I have during the day. Amazing product! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


We both feel so much more refreshed every morning

My wife and I purchased the Dual ChiliPad™ last year and it has made a tremendous impact on our ability to sleep through the night. We both set out ChiliPad™ to different temperatures and with the cool ChiliPad™ beneath us and a warm comforter on top we are able to achieve much deeper sleep every night. We both feel so much more refreshed every morning. This is a great product!


She's able to sleep a lot better

Catherine, my wife, has had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 3 and had her first hip replacement at age 29. Her condition means that her immune system is aggressively trying to destroy her cartilage, so her joints get amazingly hot. Even in the middle of winter she has to stick her feet out the end of the bed to cool them down. The ChiliPad™ seems to be really helping her – her joints seem much cooler overnight and she’s able to sleep a lot better.



This was the greatest purchase ever. I have not had any night sweats since. Heck, I have to set the timer to shut off in the middle of the night or I will get to cold. The person who invented this should receive a noble prize for this one. THIS IS THE GREATEST ITEM!

Coupon Dad

The ChiliPad has changed my life!

I have to say, of all the products that I have tested and reviewed, the ChiliPad™ is the product that has truly changed my life! I first must tell you that I have never slept on the ChiliPad™ personally. So you ask, how has it changed my life? Well, my wife Sandy, has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. It has been years since she has had a comfortable nights sleep. The coolness of the ChiliPad™ has alleviated the symptoms of the Fibromyalgia and she has been able to sleep better through the night. Her first night sleeping on the ChiliPad™, not only did she sleep through the night but she slept over 8 hours. If Sandy’s arthritis is bothering her she will set the temperature a little higher to soothe her aching bones and joints. Now that Sandy is sleeping better, she is more alert, has more energy and most importantly it has helped her pain and that is how the ChiliPad™ has changed my life!


It’s such a simple concept

I was a bit scared to buy it since there were few reviews, but I took the plunge and it has been a great purchase. A cool bed in the summer is something I’ve missed since giving up my old waterbed 20 years ago.

What I don’t understand is why this isn’t a top-seller… it’s such a simple concept!

I'll Try Anything

Nothing but cool nights and great sleep for me

I was SHOCKED when I woke up too cold, when I had full covers on. I HAVE BEEN SO HOT THE LAST FEW YEARS — I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM TO HAVE A COOL BED. I LOVE A COOL BED… THANK YOU ChiliPad™ FOR THE BEST SOLUTION TO A HOT BED. I am your biggest fan so far. UPDATE: Nothing but cool nights and great sleep for me, baby!


I am very happy and highly recommend this item

I am very happy and highly recommend this item.


I absolutely love this unit

I absolutely love this unit. I now own two and am so happy with the ChiliPad™. I sleep so well on it, never have had a night sweat since.


I slept like a rock

I love this product so much I just had to write a testimonial for it. I grew up sleeping in a twin bed and having it all to myself. When I met my wife we shared a queen sized bed and I felt like I never got a good nights sleep in the 5 years we had been together. I was always in search of a cold pillow and cool spot on the bed but with an extra body it was no where to be found. I would wake up 6 times or more a night and feel groggy every day, it even affected my personality and the once cheerful person I was, was disappearing. We bought a different bed, different pillows, tried the chillow, bought memory foam and nothing helped. As soon as my wife bought me the ChiliPad™ I had it hooked up right away. I slept like a rock and you fall asleep instantly. I have been sleeping 12 hours a night as if my body is trying to catch up on lost sleep over the passed 5 years. I have never been a morning person but I feel fantastic every morning. If you have any troubles sleeping!

This is an absolute must purchase. It is more important than the invention of the shoe. I have never used a product that has changed my life for the better than the ChiliPad™. Stress has gone down, productivity has gone up. This ChiliPad™ has paid for itself in less than a week. Even if I could only use it one night a week it would still be worth it.


Froze my butt off last night

Froze my butt off last night at 3am. It was great. I’ll turn up the temp a bit tonight


ChiliPad is the best!

Every time I read the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog I come accross their ‘best heated mattress pad’ and I think to myself ‘That isn’t the best! ChiliPad™ is the best!’


I am very happy with it

I purchased a ChiliPad™ for my hospital bed several months ago. I am very happy with it. Being a big person I found that equal temperature through out the mattress pad is great. It has helped me with the heat generated from my air pressure mattress with the latex encasement which doesn’t allow the heat from the air tubes to escape, the ChiliPad™ does defuse the heat from my body therefore lessening to a big degree the skin irritation i had been experiencing since I got the air pressure mattress almost 2 years ago. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.


It was the best nights sleep that I have gotten in the summer time in years!

I just received my Chili pad and was skeptical. I just didn’t think that it was going to work as well as it said it would. To my surprise; I turned on the pad about a 1/2 hour before going to bed and jumped into bed. My first thought was: wow nice and cool – but will it last. The next thing that I remember is awaking at 6:00 am. Again to my surprise the bed was cool, but I was not cold – it was the best nights sleep that I have gotten in the summer time in years!



I have NEVER slept this well!! BEST PRODUCT EVER!


I'm able to sleep better

I purchased the ChiliPad™ dual zone after doing some research into insomnia. There are several articles that say sleeping in a colder room helps and I always found myself hot at night even with a fan and the a/c turned down. I’ve had the pad for a couple months now and find that I’m able to sleep better and not wake up hot in the middle of the night with the ChiliPad™ plus I don’t have to turn my a/c down so low and I’ve seen the difference in my electric bill already!


The moist heat seems to help in my lower back

Because I had back surgery that failed last year, the moist heat seems to help in my lower back where the nerve damage is and in the summertime, it’s the best for a sunburned back or arms.


What a fantastic invention!!

Much of my adult life, I have had trouble sleeping, especially in the summer time, due to my body temperature rising throughout the night. I would wake frequently, having to throw the covers off the bed, tossing and turning trying to get cool. Then I discovered the ChiliPad™. What a fantastic invention!! The pad is very effective at drawing off excess body heat, even while I remain under a comforter. I now can sleep through out the night, no matter what my body temperature is doing. The pad, also adds a comfortable layer of cushioning to the bed, from the soft flexible tubing and circulating water. Additionally are no wires to lay on, and there is no electromagnetic field to worry about. Thanks ChiliPad™!!


I now sleep like a baby

I live Downunder (in Australia) and bought my ChiliPad™ six months ago. For as long as I can remember, I have always overheated in bed. The miracle of the ChiliPad™ is that it gently draws the heat away from your body. I now sleep like a baby. I can’t recommend it highly enough. While I’m at it, I’d like to commend Chili Technology on their exceptional customer service. Well done. Great product. Great people.


My nightsweats are nearly gone

I love it! I’m still deciding on my “ideal” temperature, but the first night I had it, doubting it’s advertised ability, I set it at 50 and woke up FREEZING! I have been plagued by night sweats for over a decade, but since getting my ChiliPad™, my nightsweats are nearly gone. I’ve touted the ChiliPad™’s ability to just about everyone I know!


I have the BEST sleep

I have the BEST sleep on my ChiliPad™!!!!!!