Top Five Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Clean My ChiliPad Cube or Control Unit?

Below are recommendations for keeping your Chili Technology system running efficiently so you can have your best sleep for years to come:

Cleaning Tips

  • For the Cube and Control Unit, use a can of compressed air to blow in and around the side vents. (For the PLS control, you can blow the top vent as well.)
  • Periodically add one cap full of hydrogen peroxide into the reservoir to keep the circulation system clean. Procedure: Set temperature to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Remove the reservoir cap, and add the hydrogen peroxide. LEAVE THE RESERVOIR CAP OFF. The hydrogen peroxide will react with the dirt or other foreign particles to clean the system. Once the reaction has stopped (bubbles no longer form), replace the cap, reset the temperature to your desired sleep temperature and enjoy.
  • Periodically remove and clean the dust screen at the intake vent under the handle (for PLS Control Units ONLY).

Failure to care for and perform routine cleaning and maintenance will void your warranty.

  • IMPORTANT: Please do not add other substances to your distilled water other than hydrogen peroxide.

How often should I clean my ChiliPad and Control Unit?

This cleaning will remove any residue that may have accumulated in your pad. We recommend this cleaning every 3 months with regular use, as well as before and after storage of your ChiliPad

The process:

  • Empty the water in your unit/Cube (remember that you never want to store your unit/Cube with water in it).
  • Add 1/2 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide to the unit/Cube.
  • Fill the remainder of the water reservoir with distilled water.
  • Run unit/Cube on the hottest setting with the cap off for about 6-8 hours. Be sure the unit/Cube is higher than the pad to ensure the water doesn’t spill out the top of the unit/cube as you will have the cap off.
  • Wipe off any residue that may rise to the top throughout the process.

We recommend performing this exercise every few months depending on frequency of use in order to keep your ChiliPad running efficiently.

Failure to care for and perform routine cleaning and maintenance will void your warranty.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Service staff, or visit the Chili Guru with questions or concerns regarding your Chili Technology products.

What Is Your Warranty And What Does It Cover?

Our goal is to have satisfied, lifelong Chili users. For more detailed information regarding our warranty, please read our full warranty.

We offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

After sleeping on your ChiliPad for a full 90 days, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance of the system you can return the product for a full refund minus the cost of shipping.

We offer a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

We also offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the Cube. If your Cube malfunctions within the first two years, just ship it to us and we will complete a full diagnostic repair before shipping it back to you. After two years, your repairs can be completed for an out-of warranty fee.

What do I do if I need to return my ChiliPad or have it repaired?


If you feel you need a repair for your ChiliPad the first step is to reach out to our Chili Guru to see if we can troubleshoot the issue or provide some suggestions. If we are unsuccessful we will ask you to complete a Repair Authorization Form.


If you purchased directly from Chili Technology you can complete a Return Authorization Form. If you purchased from an authorized dealer you will go to that dealer to return you ChiliPad.

Why Is My ChiliPad Damp?

If you think your ChiliPad is leaking, condensation could be the culprit. Condensation naturally occurs on a surface that is cooler than the surrounding temperature. A difference of any more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit between the air temperature and the control unit temperature can result in condensation. A solution for this issue is to adjust the control unit setting up a few degrees and ensure your room is climate controlled. To dry your pad, turn your control unit up to around 85 degrees and let it run for about an hour.

How do you know if condensation is the culprit? Turn your Cube to Hi and let it run for an hour. If the pad still gets wet, give the Chili Guru a call.

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